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You are correct - in the UK we run summer and winter blends of diesel due to summer diesel "waxing" at temps around 0-minus 5C, winter diesel is ok down to around minus 15C in the UK

Other nations winter diesel goes colder and some places have arctic diesel which goes down to REALLY cold, however its only suitable for some diesel engines, some common rail engines won't run on it as it doesn't have the same lubricity as summer or winter blends.

Basically winter diesel is diesel mixed with additives (used to be kerosene but might be diff now) which don't have the same energy value so hence you get lower mpg in winter.

Usually gets sent out to filling stations from now onwards to make sure filling station tanks all have winter diesel in them by the "official" start in November, stays on sale till around March, where deliveries of summer diesel recommence.

In Australia, its possible to fill up with diesel in Sydney, take the car up to the blue mountains to go skiing and come out in the morning to a car that won't start....reason being that the blend on sale in Sydney is for hot temperatures with a relatively high wax point, whereas blue mountains can get down to around 0C or colder overnight and the diesel for sale in that area is blended to handle colder temperatures.....

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