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Wrong, the S5 was that... although you won't' get your $10 with it.

Mine finally 'died' after it accidentally accelerated towards a stone floor at somewhat more than 1G in August. Screen completely shattered but it limped on for the next week whereupon the screen gradually developed more and more issues till it was completely dead.

Ordered a cheap replacement display for £20 which was fine when I tested it just plugging it in to the phone but when putting it in the case to stick it down permanently it seems it was far too feeble to take any pressure and self destructed.

Upside is I'm not forking out for another screen and learning how to get remote access to the phone via adb. Authorised my laptop via adb in recovery mode. Got the display streaming to my laptop, can manually enter clicks at any location and swipes. Just need to cobble together a gui to combine the two...

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