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Travel is my favourite example of how large corporate bureaucracy fails.

There's a group of people who own the company, shareholders. They employ a CEO. He employs procurement head. They employs travel head. Travel head employs travel administrator. That's quite a long line of people from the people who want costs cut.

And the further you get from the people who own the place, the more the point of the company gets lost. That travel administrator does not care that you can get it cheaper, because it makes no difference to them. They turn up, follow the rules and go home.

I once went to an expense department of Giant Corporation after I'd figured out that if I flew back on Saturday instead of Friday, I'd save £150 net. The flight price was something like £220 cheaper on a Saturday, and I could get a hotel for £70. They save money, I get a night out in Amsterdam. Nope, couldn't be done. Wasn't working on Saturday, so went against rules. "Yeah, I know, but this is cheaper, this saves the company money". Nope,

You do that in a small company, the boss will OK it.

It's why I mostly work in smaller companies. And it's not just about travel, it's about all sorts of things. People in smaller places take sensible risks. People in large places cover their arse. It's why you sometimes see new players kick the stuffing out of big ones. The big companies can't adapt fast enough.

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