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Not many drones can fly for 45 min

I'm not aware of any copter drone that can do this sort of flight time, but fixed wing drones can do it, a Parrot Disco for example, cheap(ish) and advertised as being able to do 45 mins flying easily. Most copter drones do around 25 mins, but something like a DJI matrice are advertised at 38 mins max, but they are not cheap at all. They're also fairly large, easily a threat to aircraft, come supplied with multiple batteries for quick turnarounds, and they have a very long range, around 8km I think, still keeping connectivity to the controller, further on a pre planned mission, which means you could be quite a distance away. I would say users are supposed to keep line of sight at all times, but I doubt that would be a concern to someone doing this.

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