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Rumour has it that some armed fores technical teams have "bug-out bags" full of the little bits of hardware (like nuts and bolts, screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, shock absorbers, ballistic computers, Infrared scan-and-track heads, repair parts for the coolant jacket for a 120mm smoothbore cannon...) that cost peanuts* but are vital to keep a military vehicle moving and fighting effectively - and all somehow managed to fall off the back of the Air Force transport that took them on the last deployment. *for a given value of 'peanuts'.

Of course, the reason such bags exist - sorry, allegedly exist - is because those are the same parts that tend to disappear quicker than Senior Ranks in times of serious bother.

Contents of that bug-out bag down the local market - £500. Contents of that bug-out bag if you ask the Supplier - £5000. Contents of that bug-out bag when the REMFs decide a trip to the local war zone might not be in their immediate future - priceless.

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