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My favourite was when assisting my partner's xmas shopping. Her teenage daughter had her heart set on what was basically a Dancette turnable with a little amp and a couple of tinny speakers in a chipboard box with "retro" styling plastics applied. (PLease don't ask what they get away with charging for such a device...) Chatting to the young lady on the til -only a couple of years older than the daughter -- my better half, who is of similarly historic vintage to me (born in the 60s) drew attention to the USB socket pictured on the packaging.

"Oh yes", the assistant assured her, "that's so you can play music in from your phone and record it."

$better half and I managed to avoid catching each other's eye.

"Oh, you can record onto this, too, can you?"

"Yes, that's right, but we don't sell the blank vinyl, you might have to buy those online."

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