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We are in the sticks and are fed by three phase to a pole and transformer that leans over by 15degrees and feeds our house* by armoured cable to a pole in our garden 30 ft from the explosive** fuse box and meter. It feeds by armoured cable because the pole that leans over snapped the last cable but they dont seem to want to ix it properly until the cows start chewing on the three phase.

The max in house I've measure is 235v when the PV is going flat out and everything I could find was turned off. We often get lulls where the LED lights cut out and the filament ones glow a dull orange which is romantic. Or would be it the PC would stay up which it wont!

* next door is off the same transformer on another phase I guess.

**we have a spare explosive fuse in case lightning takes out the installed one though I cant remember where that came from honest guv it was here when we moved in.

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