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These days in the USA, microbrews and brewpubs are everywhere. And there's some very fine beer to be had in every style and variety you can imagine. There is no excuse for the enlightened to be drinking the megabrewed mediocrity that is Anheiser Busch. The only people that drink Bud, at least when it's not free, are teens, oldsters that are afraid to try something new, and the type of idiots that are likely to scream at televisions and pound on the bar when 'their' team isn't doing well. That said, I am compelled to say one good thing about Budweiser, and that is that it is apparently brewed cleanly enough that it at least doesn't give you a terrible hangover. Though I personally have to struggle to drink enough 5% beers to make the buzz to urination ratio worth the effort. I will say that I usually shun Sam Adams unless it's a choice between it and something worse, but many of their offerings are drinkable. Their Oktoberfest this year is more than tolerable.

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