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My local Maplins (RIP) had a teenage girl floor manager more akin to Mayim Bailik than Kaley Cuoco. I used to buy components there, and I'd look around the expensive stuff, and the lass would always ask if she could help me. I told her it was all just too expensive, and she replied, "I know! Right!"

I felt sorry for her because the next month she was out of a job she never suited. In my era, when I was her age, she would have been a trainee software engineer, or an apprentice electronics engineer. She knew her stuff, to the limit her job permitted. I hope she is in a better place now.

A neighbour's child very respectfully came up to ask me, "I know you had a successful apprenticeship when you were my age, can you tell me how to get one?"

I had to tell him he couldn't, those opportunities were rare then and non-existent now.

It would be nice to see some kids getting good starter jobs sometime soon. A few of you must still be in a position to train up a youngster. Even, especially, if you don't need to.

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