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Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!

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Put "medical grade" on a gold plated HDMI purchased wholesale and you can easily get 10* its mark price or even 20* if insurance pays.

To be fair the difference between a good quality cable and a crappy one can be quite small, same with speaker cables and Cat5E though with other items like shielded cable for Sky/ Freesat it pays to get proper cable unless you like ripping out and replacing every 3 years.

The last sample of OFC purchased used from some audiophool or other got used for a spot welder and is still working now!!

I've used industrial grade AA batteries for things like blood pressure meters instead of the rubbish that comes with them and it does help a bit however you need to be aware that with any medical device there is the potential for inconsistent readings if the battery voltage starts to drop.

I also heard that the hospitals now dispose of their waste via a bonded contractor now, because criminals were going round fishing items like single use SpO2 probes out of the bin bags and cleaning up then reselling them. Some even skipped the cleaning step!!!!

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