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It was Hamilton District Council

This is totally off topic but it's a slightly amusing anecdote so I hope you all forgive/indulge me. There was a music festival called T in The Park, and the first five were held in Strathclyde Park in Hamilton, the first one when I was working for the council so I could park there.

By the end of the first night my mates had all disappeared to various gigs but I came across a wee guy I knew from five a side football stamping out camp fires. It was Gary from Environmental Control. He hadn't bought a ticket but had come along because he thought it was too loud, and he was intent on lowering the volume. At this point Rage Against the Machine were playing the finale, very loud, and the crowd were pumped. Gary was about to go onstage and tell them to quiet down. I persuaded him not to with the line, "You've got a wife at home. She maybe cannae sleep for the next hour, but do you want to risk her waking up a widow? Do you really want to be the Environmental Control officer that caused a riot?"

He was 5'6", not an ounce of fear or any common sense, but I managed to talk him down.

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