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My parents old Sony LED TV died recently, and they got a stipend for a replacement off the yearly insurance they'd paid for many years. The insurance they paid was far more than the cost of a new TV, but they are not morons, they are just old and overly trusting.

So they bought this new £350 TV, and the salesman conned them into about £150 of extras, such as HDMI cables (which they already had), fitting and insurance.

I visited just in time and marched the TV back to Curry's/PC World and demanded a refund. Which I got, so they kept the TV but lost the scam expenses.

This will amuse you. At one point I told the store manager that I was a bronze badge poster on The Register forum and they wouldn't want to deal with the sort of negative publicity I could generate unless my parents were refunded - and it worked! I doubt they have ever heard of The Register, no offence, but being a bronze badge member here obviously impressed/scared them.

I highly recommend any silver or gold badge posters here try to blag free stuff and report back if it works.

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