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I've drunk a fair amount of US beer on its home territory. IMO Sierra Pale Ale and Sam Adams beers are far ahead of the rest. The very best I've had was brewed by the Outer Banks Brewing Station in Kitty Hawk, but the rest are but pale imitations of beer or lager. Some of the breweries are decidedly economical with the truth too. During a tour of the Coors brewery (I was in Golden, CO for an afternoon and ya gotta find something to do) we got a big spiel that Killians Red was invented by a past head brewer, a Mr. Kilian, but that was a flat out lie. Killian's Red was originated by the Pelforth brewery in France and licensed to Coors for sale in the USA.

Looking outside the USA, my local serves an excellent pint of Jeffery Harding Bitter from the Oakham brewery and Fullers' beers seem to have survived being bought by Asahi. When it comes to lager, Staropramen is pretty good, as is almost any German beer provided its drunk local to the brewery but, to my taste anyway, but Budevar (brewed at Ceske Budejovice in Czechia) is better and the best lager I've tasted is Pilsener Urquell, which is brewed at Plzen, also in Czechia.

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