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NHS worker in my family once was forced to pay £10 for a single AA Duracell battery.

They weren't allowed to buy their own and charge to expenses.

They were only allowed to go through procurement "to get the best deal".

And at least 50% of the time the ordered items literally never arrived because even if they made it to the hospital in question, every other department that was desperate for equipment would just pinch them before they could get dished out.

It was/is the biggest scam I ever heard of - posited around the supposition that because the companies involved give discounts on the big stuff, it's "expected" that they over-charge on the small stuff without which those companies won't do business. You buy one MRI machine a year at a slight discount and end up paying 20 times the cost on EVERY purchase - plus delivery - on thousands of everyday items in every hospital in the trust. And then forcibly told to never use anyone else by an entire department of people whose purpose is supposed to be to centrally purchasing and save money by collating purchases but who actually spend their entire (paid) working lives cocking up everything and ordering £10 batteries in £20 single deliveries that then go missing, but have been signed as having been received, and thus have to be re-ordered again and again and again.

Lucky it's not for anything important, eh, like critical lab fridge sensors, lab equipment, cleaning stuff, chemicals, medicines, gloves, ...

BIGGEST CON in the world and along with tons of unnecessary management layers is costing us all that "missing" money that the NHS receives but never makes it to the patient.

Obviously someone high-up exists only to skim 50% of the cost of everything to their friend with a small warehouse and an Amazon Business account.

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