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Amazon, maker of racist and sexist facial recog, to suggest regulations for facial recog systems

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Calling it Racist and Sexist based on dodgy[1] stories is classic dog-whistle politics. In a sane world it would be seen for what it is: an unhelpful distraction from whatever the real issues are[2]. In the real world, it works depressingly well for some: it seems to be strongly correlated with tribal identity: indeed, creating such identities perhaps more importantly than playing to them.

As for ANPR, not at all the same: after all, the whole purpose of numberplates is as identifiers, and they're discrete. ANPR is much closer to reading a barcode than recognising a face.

[1] For values of 'dodgy' including misreported and/or misunderstood.

[2] Real issues which might include uses that stray - accidentally or otherwise - into racism or sexism.

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