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So that they can support cross platform compilation and deployment onto legacy OSs that don't have a registry?

Or, possibly, because even Microsoft have realised what a clusterfuck the registry is and and are trying to revert this stupidity in their own applications...

Want to remotely recover an applications from a hung system. Are these settings strewn around in a bespoke registry setting somewhere? With the registry, you're stuffed.

Is the registry corrupted? Again? Then you better hope that you had a backup of the application's configuration somewhere. Yes, in a text file.

Want a tree of overlaid configurations where sunsequent configurations overlay each other (permissions permitting). Hey look, IIS does that using configuration files and not the registry.

...and it goes on. There are very, very few genuine benefits to an arbitrary database store of commingled settings for all applications on a system, but there are many benefits to have these settings distributed sensibly. A standard OS provided application configuration using a database file? That's possibly a good service for an OS to provide. One 'orrible bunged up binary blob mess of many things all rammed together? Definitely not.

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