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I think that's exactly the wrong place to put trust. Look at the controversy around TPM when it was first introduced, and internal memos from Microsoft were leaked saying how great it was that they could leverage their OEM market by ensuring the TPM would not allow the installation of anything other than Windows. I think the backlash on that revelation was what ended the Ballmer era and paved the way for the increased openness we see today (and the "Internet will never amount to anything" misjudgement).

What I don't like at all about Poettering's outputs is that it's just way to complicated and intertwined with so may other parts of systemd, instead of being just one reusable part in a chain. The opacity and "tight integration" to the point of being monolithic is frustrating. The learning curve is fine when it works, but appalling when it goes wrong, as it's really hard to pin down what is really misbehaving and how to fix it. OTOH, yes, it's faster to boot, easier to integrate your own services and targets with no real shell knowledge and its ability to safely override distro installed scripts is great.

And worse, the "pluggability" breeds repeated reinvention of the wheel, eg /etc/network or /etc/sysconfig/network moving to NetworkManager, and now on Ubuntu to the terrible netplan. You cannot even properly set MTUs on bridge interfaces - it just takes what the parent interface has. As a sysadmin/architect of 20 years experience I like the results of a configuration to match the documented ones.

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