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DropBox... Never again

I recently needed access to my dropbox account, and then it dawned on me: I haven't accessed it in years.

Well, that is what that 16 character long emergency backup code is for, right?

Wrong. The emergency backup code is now 8 digits. AFAICT they replaced their old emergency backup scheme.

And at one point I trusted 2FA so much that I removed my phone number as a backup device (I had the emergency backup code, right?). Oh, and I have replaced all my devices since then too.

A little googling reveals similar stories. One gentleman was also repeatedly told that there was nothing dropbox support could do. But after a lot of complaining they eventually helped him anyway. I tried that route, but entering the first 8 characters, as suggested, in lieu of the 8-digits, did not help either. Their support is just a waste of time.

Oh wait, they wanted me to use their service for work-related stuff? Yeah... When pigs fly....

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