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On the one hand it seems to be taking Devuan a long time to get their Buster based version out...

One can ask oneself: would this be why MX is taking off so well? I would agree that this sysD stuff goes way over the head of the "average user" (if there is such a thing), but there is no denying that MX assent is remarkable. Whether the "non-sysD" part is driving it yes or no...

I'll be honest: I don't like what/ how LP communicates. But viewing this objectively, it's only fair to acknowledge that there are different design philosophies, and each one has its right to have a go at it. What troubles me more is that, if an user, in an environment/ fundamental philosophy that marks "free, unfettered user choice" as its highest value and asset, wants to operate a sysD free system, the choice become very small indeed. All the big, user popular distros like e.g. Debian, Mint, *buntu, Manjaro, all demand a "sysD or piss off" approach. Which does sound Redmondish/ Cupertinoride to me. Then again, most users concern doesn't stretch further than "the new exciting new wallpaper"...

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