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I do reboot my laptops, but I still don't care about bootup time. I've long wondered why this metric is a big deal for people.

Same. Usually shut mine down at night.

In the morning, get out of bed, press power button, go for the 3 S's (cept I don't shave and only shower if I'm meeting other people/it's been a couple of days), type in password, go and make coffee. Machine is ready for me.

Did it take 1 minute to boot? 20 seconds? 10 minutes? Don't know and don't care.

The servers I still run - reboot only rarely. If I was doing stuff for others I'd make sure the backup is up, reboot the main, and if it takes a minute or a day who cares, redundancy rules bitches!

(Yes, I know my practices are probably "best practice" in the same sense that "shallow grave at the beach" is "appropriate form of dispute resolution", but it works for me :) )

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