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Not that shocking. School / Uni networks always have been garbage.

I used to get hauled up by the sysadmin regularly for being a dick.

My favourite exploit was installing Doom or Atomic Bomberman in the print spool folder and showing everyone how to do it.

For some reason it was writable by everyone.

Apparently I caused them massive headaches because all the printers kept spewing garbage for weeks.

They tallied everything up and apparently I'd cost the school £300 in crisp white A4.

I also got hauled up for expanding students storage areas. We were given a paltry 20mb (it's the 90s), but in order for students to keep their copy of (definitely not games) they needed more I found a utility on a website (used to be known as Crash Dummies) that let me perform admin tasks without any admin credentials. I gave everyone a 250mb quota (which everyone then filled with garbage freeware and other assorted crap).

The sysadmin told me that they ran out of space within a month because the student storage drive was only 10GB.

They hauled me up for showing people how to bypass the internet filter. It was a caching proxy designed to save bandwidth rather than filter. As a result, students clogged up the internet connection constantly (it was a 64k ISDN).

I was in the sysadmins office at least once a month. He would absolutely lose his shit and throw things around as well as sweep everything off his desk.

Gloriously angry.

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