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The D in Systemd is for Directories: Poettering says his creation will phone /home in future

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Is he off his rocker?

"If you authenticate via SSH it goes via authorized keys in the home directory. So if you want to authenticate something that is inside of the home directory, so that it can access the home directory, where does the decryption key come from, to access the home directory? It is a chicken-and-egg problem," said Poettering.

His solution is that the user must already be logged in, for SSH to work.

That is really a good idea for servers.

A person at the session asked what should be done by a university student, for example, who wanted to log in to a Linux machine that was rebooted overnight from 200 miles away. The answer: "If you really want that this system can come up on its own, don't use this stuff. This is about security."

As is that.

It looks like he's doing all he can to push BSD for any serious use. Perhaps he's an undercover operative sent by Theo.

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