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Very early in the morning, apologies.

But yes the Einstein-Rosen bridge is only one of several topological defects that can result in a displacement between two points, although Roman Ring is a more complex form. This would be closer to a Krasnikov Tube than a classic ERB but still useful.

Incidentally a Krasnikov Tube might have been responsible for the Wow! signal and this is what led me to my original hypothesis: advanced extraterrestrials may have constructed one many years ago to send radio signals and eventually more complex data to their sparse Bracewell probes.

The aperture may simply be a matter of using gravitational fluctuations to "close off" a region of modified space time so that annoyances like causality loops are avoided with the bidirectional version, only ever opening for short times coinciding with alignment to the desired star system(s). Also making one tube which rotates in two axes may get around the absurd energy usage of constructing multiple tubes.

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