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The irony. Seems to me you regret not having had your revenge but are now trying to justify this lack of balls to yourself as some moral standpoint and criticise those who did have them.

A simple question you may be able to answer.

Had I acted out of revenge, at best I would've wound up with multiple criminal convictions and spent some years first at a psychiatric facility, maybe then borstal, then prison. At worst - assuming someone didn't kill me in self defence, I'd've been facing a life sentence.

How would that have improved my life over what I have already done?

I'd have hurt parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, grandparents and friends of the people who hurt me. In what fashion would that have made me better than those who hurt me? Why should those people leave me alone, when revenge is clearly justified?

How would hurting others have fixed the hurt in me?

You claim "lack of balls", but instead of acting like a coward I faced my fears and dealt with them in a way that made this place better.

Answer these questions. How would revenge have helped anyone? How would it have made my life better? Or are you just projecting, and you know it is you yourself who lacks courage?

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