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What this will do is to send a message to others who might be tempted by easy money and follow in his footsteps.

Where that sadly fails is the thinking "But he got caught because he... If I don't make his mistake, I won't get caught, but I can do the rest of what he did!".

Look at the US's[1] high prison sentences, death penalties etc (including "shot by cops/security gaurds" executions) and yet they still have a fairly high crime rate. Clearly "deterrent sentences" don't work. Deterrent sentences never will work no matter how bad they are because "getting caught" almost never enters the mind.

Increase the fear of getting caught and you can better prevent crimes. Keep 'getting caught' unlikely, and you can have '50 years extreme torture' as a sentence and see little more than 'a statistical anomaly' in the crime figures.

[1] I use the US because they at least pretend towards being a decently civilised and just society, unlike other places where very minor things get you very long jail time.

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