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Your idea that criminals like these will ever regret their actions is foolish and dangerously naïve - do you think it would be any trouble for them to con a psychiatrist into thinking they had changed?

Not realising that people can change (and some quite effectively when given a reason to learn empathy or even just to realise that in prison, money often buys them extra suffering) is naieve.

But as whbjr said, those who work with convicts do well at spotting the cons (though many go the other way as well, assuming everyone is trying to con).

Or do you truly believe they will see the error of their ways and get jobs flipping burgers or stacking shelves

Why is it people so readily associate these jobs with criminals? Too much watching TV?

There's people who will employ past convicts, and many of those convicts (especially those motivated to get out of what got them in) are quite skilled, intelligent, and decent people. They've done their time, end of. Maybe don't give a convicted fraudster or thief the keys to the safe (and those who have 'reformed'[cough spit splutter such-a-terrible-word-but-best-one-I-know] will often tell you they don't want to be placed in a position of temptation or risk of accusation), but certainly give them a job.

In NZ you can do quite a bit before that first time they chuck you inside. Once you've been in, however, even briefly thinking about jaywalking before deciding against it could see you back inside on remand awaiting trial, and if a cop "thinks" you were up to no good or another accusation is levelled at you, you will have a harder time getting bail. They might, a month or two down the track, completely drop the charges and even front up and say "Sorry gov, we nabbed the wrong fella, no crime was actually committed even" but it's too late, whatever you've rebuilt after release is gone and you have to start over again.

So, they're highly motivated to stay out of trouble. Outside you can brag about owning a gold-plated crapper and people will respect you and think good thoughts of you. Inside, mention you have money and all sorts of nasty people start wanting their cut.

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