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Re: Revenge and justice are very closely related. You'll learn that as you get older.

If the sense of revenge didn't exist there would be no need for justice since no one would care about crime being committed or being a victim of,

I have to disagree with that (see my previous post), although I can understand your point. But justice can clearly exist without need for revenge.

So in a sense the state does exact revenge vicariously though not necessarily satisfactorily all the time.

That is sadly all-too-true. If we could get past the desire for revenge, our prisons would empty out in a heartbeat. Prison should be for the protection of society and if there's a way for the accused to be out without undue risk then that should be the norm. People keep committing burglaries to deal with drug addiction? Then they should be given treatment, they should never be let out without help. Doing bad because they have poor education and no job prospects? Well, increase their schooling whilst inside and give them better chances on release. Having a decent job is one of the biggest factors in whether a person will or won't re-offend.

Someone locked up inside cannot do much harm but they can do very little good as well. Someone working or volunteering, OTOH, can do a lot of good for their communities.

Some of those who abused me in youthful stupidity have gone on to do a hell of a lot for others, and I know in a couple of cases guilt was the greater motivator. They could've spent years inside for what they did to me, but their self-inflicted justice has done much more than any prison-based state-revenge would've done.;

We would all be much better off if we could get the 'revenge' out of the justice system, and actually make it about justice

Also if you or one you love had been a victim of crime you wouldn't be so quick to dish up the smug "revenge fantasy" putdown.

I have.. And I agree with you TBH - I know revenge is wrong first-hand but I can well understand other's desires for revenge. But knowing why people seek revenge - that still doesn't justify revenge in any fashion.

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