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Exactly. Same goes for the defense contracting world where it's not who you are or even who you know but rather "who knows you".

And if they don't *know* you and no one vouches for your skillset and work ethic then you're not getting hired or at least not going to get hired into a sensitive position overseas.

Stateside, sure. Overseas where the big bucks are? Nope.

I've literally gotten a gig in Iraq just because one of the other contractors saw my resume on the country manager's desk and remembered me from several NATO exercises years ago and told him they need to hire me ASAP to help them set up a few things.

I was on a plane to Iraq a week later.

The DoD world loves us combat arms veterans who work in IT as we're already vetted.

You just can't get a reliable network engineer to work in austere, violent, life-threatening conditions that *hasn't* already experienced combat because they tend to crack up with what they're exposed to on a daily basis overseas.

Pulling IT & radio gear out of a bloody, blown-up military vehicle - sometimes on-site in the field - then cleaning it up, testing it, and putting it into a new vehicle isn't for everyone.

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