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ShadowDragon8685, having witnessed at first hand the pain and anguish and suffering these... "people" can cause, either of those two methods you mention are too quick. The ad being shown on UK television where some gentleman is complaining about losing his pension to some scammer (shown zooming around on a jetski) is well done and provides a warning, but it doesn't show the pain and suffering caused to people when they lose everything to these scum.

Your idea that criminals like these will ever regret their actions is foolish and dangerously naïve - do you think it would be any trouble for them to con a psychiatrist into thinking they had changed? Then they will be back in the world and lining up their next victims, ready to do it all over again. Or do you truly believe they will see the error of their ways and get jobs flipping burgers or stacking shelves after living it up like lords on other people's pension funds? Because the only jobs available to people who behave like this is Member of Parliament or an executive-grade seat on the board of a large financial institution - and the competition for those positions is too great already.

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