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"others may get paid more for doing more?"

Bullshit! Contractors don't get paid more for doing more. they get paid more because (a) the employing company doesn't pay their NI, they don't have paid vacation etc, and this has to come out of their own pocket and (b) there is a perceived trade-off of extra pay for less security.*

This isn't the place for name-calling and others-bashing, there are business requirements for both employed staff and contractors, and each of the two have different things to offer which is why some people are more comfortable with one than the other. But saying that one or the other group does more work (or is more proficient, or is more anything really) is simply wrong.

* My personal experience is that job security isn't any higher as an employee than as a contractor. If a company wants to cut headcount they can fire you either way. Rather than 'job security', which is bullshit, aim for 'employment security' which basically means be good at what you do and stay current, you can always find work to do whether a an employee or as a contractor. That security comes from yourself not from whoever is currently hiring you

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