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Firstly. I'm the AC you accused of "hiding" above. I'm "hiding" as I'm permi, and supposed to be working,

Not everyone who contracts gets a pseudo-permi position; some of us just go in for fixed work packages, don't have "a job" for the full year, don't get paid for any time off and have to pay significant travel and accommodation costs (it doesn't make sense to move every three to six months).

Which is why the rate I demand is higher than if I was permi. If they want to tax that as "income", then they need to ensure people get holiday pay (etc). It also seems unreasonable that legitimate business expenses like home office (when that is an option), travel, accommodation, accountancy (including costs for HMRC inquiries) have to come out of my personal income. Don't forget, these costs exist for permi staff as well, but I've never seen a deduction for "office space" on a pay slip.

When I was contracting, my take-home was only slightly more than I could have got as a permi. I contracted because I was good at what I did, liked working on diverse projects and didn't want to live and work down south for the rest of my life.

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