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Google engineering boss sues web giant over sex discrim: I was paid less than men, snubbed for promotion


Reading the case and the job roles, it reads like she had similarly ranking technical skills, but was beaten by a Sales veteran with 20 years sales experience, for a sales job.

I'm open minded as per her claim, she was a high ranking financial technologist, but there's a big difference between giving presentations at exhibitions, working at a bank in a tech role and working in sales. She sounds like she may have slightly delusional opinions of her actual status, she was a Google director ffs and by her Own account she'd been there two years and had been in/out of the HR office on many occasions blaming gender for various things and demanding all sorts of things, including $0.3m payrises. It reads like there's one dude at a nearby level who earns more than her and she might be a touch of a mischievous trouble maker.

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