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And now the firmware has been hacked, exposing new tweaks.

1) No TP security updates - old machines more than 3 years - tough titty, no vendor updates as if BIOS updates were bad enough.

2) Circular Keyboard/Mouse drivers - Windows 10 insists on NOT loading keyboard drivers but using say synaptics driver in the UEFI jungle. I now don't trust that device or enforced must use policy.

3) InSnide UEFI transmitting WiFi shit before the PC Boots.

I believe China is now getting the sovereign risk message, and seeking to remove binary blobs and key dependencies. It is possible for the US to disable most Chinese produced devices on demand.

Or a bad actor to disable via a remote connection, lots of things. Say voting machines, and voting apps. But so far both countries are keeping such baked in dependencies.

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