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Adobe results show it is still creaming those subscriptions but its share price fell – why?



I don't get why people moan about the subscription model price (they are probably people who would never buy/need it). It's $50 a month where I am for the full creative suite. I use Photoshop on a near daily basis, I use Illustrator occasionally and I also use Adobe Fonts for some of my online work. I use Acrobat too but that could be replaced with a free alternative. Adobe Media Encoder is pretty handy although Handbrake can do some of what it delivers. $600 a year, even if you were only going to upgrade every 4 years on the purchase software (which is a pretty long cycle), is still only $2200 which is half the price of the old boxed set. It's a great deal for creative professionals.

Adobe is kind of at a saturation point. All the people who want CC have it. Investors hate this as they want exponential growth, hence the purchase of other businesses to try to appease investors. Frankly, I couldn't give a rats arse about the investors; they can pull their money but the business will survive. The software allows me to do my work, with many great features, some of which now do several hours of work in one click that takes seconds. Content Aware was recently brought to video in After Effects which has changed the industry in a major way. This sort of thing has been requested for years.

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