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Re: Hit the rear end of the fire-truck ? ... happens more often than you'd imagine

"So you proudly boast about how you aggressively tailgate."

No. I have never said that. Not here, not anywhere. Lying doesn't make your case any stronger.

And yet, your posts at show where people certainly can get the impression that was your intention even if not your expression. Especially when we also see you boasting about how quickly you could draw you gun and shoot someone in the same thread. (compensating much?)

Even if my interpretation of your words is mistaken, it still does not make it a lie.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks ..." quoth the guy who accuses others of lying.. :)

"something that can get you jail time in places other than barbarica"

Resorting to childish name calling doesn't make your case any stronger.

And yet, you yourself have done the same to others... Pot, kettle 'n a all that..

"you expect others to get out of your way"

Actually, I expect other drivers to not even notice there is anybody on the road but themselves. Has kept me alive all these years.

On that we can agree.

"and claim they're driving badly when they slow down to mitigate your bad driving"

I never said they were driving badly. What I said was that they were in violation of California Vehicle Code, to wit CVC 22400 "impeding the flow of traffic". It is not up to you, a civilian, to take the law into your own hands. You are NOT a law enforcement officer.

But it is up to us, as prudent drivers, to do our best to make the situation safer. With tail gaters that means slowing down. We have similar laws about holding up traffic here, but we also have the advice to slow down and drive to the conditions. In fact, you can theoretically be done for careless driving by NOT slowing down for a tailgater (I doubt it'd ever be tested in court and would be hard for the prosecution to win)

"and you say someone else needs to get checked out?"

Intentionally impeding the flow of traffic is completely different from the physical inability to see the difference between normal, slowing and stopped traffic. The fact that you do the first and think the second "normal" makes me think even more that perhaps you shouldn't be driving.

As said, you'd know how frame of reference (eg moving/static/invisible backgrounds) and other factors can easily affect our ability to judge the speed of other vehicles if you had the experience you claim.

I am far from alone in thinking this. The University of Exeter has published work relating to such issues, and various other safety organisations have also published reports on issues around determining speed. It's one of the factors that makes the "anti-SMIDSY manoeuvre so effective. Some reading on "Motion camouflage" may also help you understand a little better.

I spent some years as an advanced motorcyclist instructor, having found a disgusting lack of decent mandatory safety training NZ. I've given talks at motorcycle clubs, sometimes for pay but usually for the love of NOT reading stats of crashed riders. Even quite recently, I've been asked by people advising NZ's ACC and police on certain MC accidents to ride a section of road and come up with scenarios as to what caused a fatal accident (apparent MC-only crashes - I suspect an impatient driver passing another car on a short straight, the MC taking evasive action and neither cager noticing).

I've spent a lot of time looking into what causes crashes as a guide to how to avoid them. Interestingly, there have been studies published from organisations in California that have been of great interest. I'd expect, living there etc, you'd have ready access to them but I'm sure a few moments with Google can help. Or RevZilla, or CHP, or......

These problems are not new, are well published, and should be made more widely known. My worst crash was due to "Target fixation" when I was much younger and did not know about it or how to counter it. My best avoid-errant-cager has also been through "target fixation" - understanding it and knowing how to use it to get my 5' wide bike through a 3" gap with room to spare (ie getting through a gap that appears far to small but is the only possible escape route when another's mistake leaves me no room or time to spare).

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