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What does the public sector sell to require sales force? ... MatthewE

Secret IntelAIgent Services to Internet ServicedD Providers, MatthewE, is No Small Step and Giant Quantum Leap to Bounty Beyond Imagination.

And Uncanny Almighty Belief Territory for a Right Motley Crew Few Too. :-) And Quite Perfect for a Helluva Greater Noble Novel Ride ...... with Instantly Insatiably Addictive Temptations to Savour and Favour with Enrapturing Encapturing Attention to Passionate Mutually Satisfying Desire and Lust. They be as Brother and Sisters of the Nymph and Satyr.

Don't just take it from here, but there, in Uncanny Almighty Belief Territory, a little bit more of what you fancy does you real good, time and time again .... ad infinitum. That's what's so Awesomely Insatiably Attractive about it, for what's not to like?

And who's to say it is not a Proprietary Top Secret Intellectual Property in AIDevelopment/Virtual Deployment with Salesforce Special Services Personnel?

Certainly not any here, that's for sure. :-)

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