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Adobe results show it is still creaming those subscriptions but its share price fell – why?

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Anonymous Coward

Adobe CC is cancer

Adobe management drank Mark Zuckerburgs coolaid just before the world started to realize that cloud based spyware isn't cool.

The whole business is designed to screw their customers as hard as possible. Their support is terrible, their products are loaded with spywa.. I mean "Telemetry" software, security is terrible, performance is terrible, stability is terrible, they are using their customers as QC, and their startup apps are more resistant to being turned off then most malware infections I've seen.

If you can live without it, DO that thing. If not, keep piling on the hate. The marketing department seems to be the only one they listen to, and it's clear that they won't start trying to change until their brand has worse associations then Rick Santorum's.

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