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Re: Hit the rear end of the fire-truck ? ... happens more often than you'd imagine

The lady doth protest too much, methinks ...

"So you proudly boast about how you aggressively tailgate."

No. I have never said that. Not here, not anywhere. Lying doesn't make your case any stronger.

"something that can get you jail time in places other than barbarica"

Resorting to childish name calling doesn't make your case any stronger.

"you expect others to get out of your way"

Actually, I expect other drivers to not even notice there is anybody on the road but themselves. Has kept me alive all these years.

"and claim they're driving badly when they slow down to mitigate your bad driving"

I never said they were driving badly. What I said was that they were in violation of California Vehicle Code, to wit CVC 22400 "impeding the flow of traffic". It is not up to you, a civilian, to take the law into your own hands. You are NOT a law enforcement officer.

"and you say someone else needs to get checked out?"

Intentionally impeding the flow of traffic is completely different from the physical inability to see the difference between normal, slowing and stopped traffic. The fact that you do the first and think the second "normal" makes me think even more that perhaps you shouldn't be driving.

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