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The Electric Nation project, which ran until recently, provided usage info so the power companies could see what impact charging will have on the grid at larger scale. They provided free home chargers to EV owners, with internet connectivity to allow them to monitor and control the charging. I had a phone app which showed me the charging rate, and it was set to give a low priority slow charge but with the option to request a faster charge if I wanted to fill up in a hurry. IRL that would incur a higher price per kW, and for the project they used the 'carrot' of Amazon vouchers instead. Once the project finished the internet connection was removed so now I charge at full speed, although I could delay and/or reduce the rate via the car itself if I wanted to.

Since July 1st all new home charger installations have to have the ability to be 'smart' (ha) and allow the charging rate to be controlled remotely, in the same way mine was. This, of course, also allows the usage to be monitored and taxed, as it surely will be to replace the fuel duty that will be lost from ICE cars. I'm hanging on to my dumb charger, thanks :-)

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