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Has outsourcing public-sector IT worked? The Institute for Government seems to think so, kinda

TonyJ Silver badge

1. "The Institute for Government" sounds like something from The Mash

2. I am sure that on one level, the statistics show a cost saving.. but, in no way is the reflective across the board. Every outsourcer will bid low, with a very specific statement of work and then make up the difference by ensuring even the slightest deviation is done under change control and therefore generates £

3. No way, ever, outsourcing to the likes of Capita, HPE, Computacenter et al works out cheaper in the long term, so I'd be interested to see over how long a period of time these apparent savings appear to occur

I could go on, but in essence I think it's fair to say I highly doubt that the claims would stand up to much scrutiny.

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