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I could believe the "third most popular EV car" - assuming you discount hybrids. I see quite a lot of Teslas on the road these days, even in South Wales which is not renowned for quantity of high end cars (though there's quite a lot of Jaguars at the moment). I see a lot more Leafs (Leaves?) but am struggling to think of other pure EVs that are common.

Perhaps the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders might have useful information?

Yes, there's a lot there.

Just taking 2019 to date, and assuming that "other imports" is all Tesla (which of course it isn't), they don't come close to being third, with a mere 0.34% of the market (though up from 0.19% last year). They are 18th on the list and are beaten by Nissan (2.51%), Honda (2.80%), Hyundai (2.90%), Skoda (3.03%) etc. etc., up to Audi (9.79%), Ford (11.63%) and Volkswagen (12.24%).

If you assume that all Battery Electric Vehicles are Teslas (of course they aren't), they aren't even third by technology, though they are fifth behind Plug-in hybrid, Hybrid, Diesel and Petrol.

Top ten for all sales so far in 2019 is:

  • Fiesta
  • Golf
  • Focus
  • Corsa
  • Qashqai
  • A-class
  • Polo
  • Kuga
  • Mini
  • Sportage

Maybe something for Tim Harford?


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