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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

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>Not quite as simple as changing AA batteries!

Even these aren't always simple. Many of the rechargeable "AA" batteries were slightly larger than the non-rechargeable ones, which could cause problems.

The EV battery issue is solvable, through the application of International Standards. There is really no reason to not have International Standards for EV batteries and charging. Yes, the Americans and the laissez-faire free marketeers wil complain - just as they did over GSM and 3GPP, but as the Internet and containerisation for example, have shown, even defacto standards grow the market.

Also given currently we have effectively two types of fuel: Petrol and Diesel, the octane grades of which are defined and they are delivered to vehicles through Standardised nozzles.

I suggest that it is pointless and wasteful to have multiple standards for batteries and charging - Tesla drivers must be a bit daft, if they can't see the stupidity of having to always seek out the "Telsa" charging bay, instead of doing as per every ICE vehicle owner and stop at a convenient service station that stocks 'unleaded'.

Funny isn't it that Hollywood has got there already, I don't remember a single science fiction film where a crew weren't able to take the batteries/fuel cells out of one space craft and drop them straight into their totally different space craft...

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