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'Thats why I said "for your own use".'

Which could have meant your own companies use. (I admit, it didn't in this case)

"might just as well write the whole program in C or C++ "

Hey Guys! Boltar is volunteering to write a full web application in C or C++! Good Luck with that.

As i've said elsewhere:

"I'm paying someone to solve a problem, not to give themself a blowjob over how smart they are - that's how LISP happened."

"Sure there are times when you *want* to juggle memory addresses, but a regular CRUD app? Nah. If there are performance issues somewhere down the road, there are several layers of abstraction to peel back before I start looking at (for example) C SELECT calls. That's commonly called "premature optimisation" is is frowned upon by those with a clue."


The above poster found a bottleneck, and solved it. They didn't "build the whole thing in C or C++" with the required (expensive) level of expertise and subsequent debugging issues. The resources were spent where they were measurably needed, not self flagellating about the tradeoffs of interpreted languages.

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