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Where is the 'bold declaration'? I asked a bloody question, which has not been answered. Yes, they say they'll support it for 5 years; my question was, and is, will they be around in 5 years? They have a lot of progressive ideas, but so far have not sold that many devices. As I understand it, Apple or Samsung sell more devices in a month than they have in the six years that they've existed! (Correction requested if I understand incorrectly...) I merely want to know how the hell they can stay in business. There's no point buying one of their products only to have no support, not because they don't want to support you but because they're gone. And if their fanbois are so critical that anyone who asks a simple question gets shouted down, without the question being answered, well that tells you, or at least me, a few things about their fanbois... and begs a different question: do I want to be associated with such a bunch of assholes? (Hint: no.) Congrats, fanbois, you just eliminated at least one sale for your boyz.

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