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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

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"Or you could, you know, have things like batteries - both grid-scale and local, pumped hydro (where the solar/wind is used to power the pumps), thermal solar (i.e. mirrors direct the suns rays to a big thermal mass that heats up and can take a day or more to cool down, providing electricity the entire cooling cycle), and so on."

Combined with this (from article):

"to research ways "to remove greenhouse gases from the sky on a large scale"" the holy grail: Use energy from solar, wind etc to combine CO2 from atmosphere and H20 to produce fuel. Hydrocarbon fuel is still by far the best fuel we have available in terms of energy density, eae of storage and handling, and existing infrastructure. It is still the only viable option for large-scale planes and helicopters, and can be used for baseload power, local generators etc etc.

You're still going to get conversion losses, but it's essentially a large-scale chemical factory (something we're good at), and you're solving both the storage and transmission issues that often plague renewables

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