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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

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"We're gonna drastically increase peak load..."

Not in the slightest

- Current UK annual consumption is around 2300 TWh*.

- Electric cars seem to manage around 19 kWh/100km. UK motorists average is about 12500km/yr (7900m)**. So 2375 kWh / year or 2.375 MWh/yr.

- There's estimated 38M vehicles in UK. If 10% were electric, it would add about 9 million MWh/yr, which is 9 TWh/yr (0.4% of current total)

- If half the vehicles in the UK were electric, total load would increase by 2%. All the vehicles - 4%

In other words, no "drastic" increase in the total. I find it hard to believe that somehow all the increase would happen at peak hours, if anything more charging would be done overnight, off-peak.

NB - I just totted this up now with figures arrived at from quick searches. (a) I was expecting the total to be 50-100% more not 4% (b) If, as is not unlikely, I have made some glaring error of scale, please do enlighten!

*it's remarkably difficult to find a good recent figure so this might be a bit out

**it's likely that electric vehicles will be more used by people who travel less, but for this purposes average is fine

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