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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?


Charging your car

Assuming that you cannot charge at home because you are either in a flat or have no parking near your house etc.

So i drive to work and I part in the work car park and leave my car there ALL day. I do not normally drive during the day because i do not need to and i would normally loose my parking spot.

So do they expect that ALL the parking spots will have a charging point?

If not and my company (Yeh right!) decide toi install say 2 charging points. How is that going to help most of the people if we all have electric cars?

As much as i like the idea if electric cars it does require a fundamental change to how things are done.

Normally i fill up once every 2 weeks and it takes 5 minutes. If I do a long journey and if i stop i normally stop for 10 minutes (for a pee break).

As someone else noted. A petrol station with 10 pumps and say 5 miniutes to fill up makes 120 cars being handled per hour (Peak). If you had 10 charging points and if it takes an hour to charge that is only 10 cars an hour.

The figures really do not stack up at the moment.

So far I have not seen any concrete estimates of the changes required to the electricity supply infastructure to handle most cars being electric.

Knowing how slow the electricity supply industry works I have little confidence that there will be sufficient generating capacity or that the grid could hadle the additional load!

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