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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

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Yes, that's why there are now loads of requests to connect new, fast starting OCGT's and Diesels all over the place. Wind, Nuke and CCGT to take base loading duties, backed up by those fast starting OCGT and minor capability from storage systems to deal with fast response.

The IET published an interesting white paper on the need for an independent system architect to have oversight of the development of the end-to-end supply chain for power. Funny, such a thing used to exist called the CEGB. BEIS and Ofgem by comparison, haven't a scooby how to manage that supply chain. Slapping endless sticking plasters on top of sticking plasters to try and incentivise behaviour.

For all the inefficiencies of that former organisation, the concepts remain sound, and in fact, when you look at the plans of the late 1980's CEGB, the generation mix now being developed is almost exactly what they were planning to do back in 1988 before Maggie tore the whole thing apart. The early 90's dash for gas took place instead. Maggie basically delayed the current situation by about 20 years; and destroyed the organisational capability that could have delivered it as an intergrated solution, probably at far lower cost and without shareholders leeching off at every turn.

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