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Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?

Tim Greenwood

Get with the program guys.

Just over 100 years ago there weren't any filling stations in the UK (or much anywhere else either). When you went on journeys you filled up by grazing fields as you passed.(well, at Inns with fodder etc ). However, these new fangled internal combustion engined vehicles started to appear and although most people initially went on short round trips before refilling at home. Eventually filling stations started to pop up to allow people to fill up elsewhere.

Fast forward a little and we are at a similar point with EV's becoming viable for must current uses. Disclosure - I have had a PHEV for a couple of years now and have been surprised at the little use that has been made of the petrol engine. Even though I only have a 30 mile range on pure electric it's pretty easy to find somewhere to plug in before a return journey so most local trips are easily done on electric. At the weekend I have a 170 mile trip each way so will be back on the petrol. However at about the halfway point I know there is a motorway service station with a fast charger (for free) so will be stopping for comfort break (coffee and doughnuts !) and will plug in for 20-30 minutes. This will add a free extra 25 miles driving or so on electric. Whats not to like ? The previous vehicle was costing almost £500 a year just on VED and now I pay nothing. As the battery technology improves and the range gets bigger I can well see the replacement vehicle being battery only, particularly as I have3 a fast charger at home which goes nicely with the solar panels meaning I can fill up for free at home (at least when it's sunny).

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