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Horses for courses.

Not many people, statistically speaking, do 360 mile round trips in a single day (or even overnight trip) regularly. If you are one of the few who do, then retain the long-range quick-fill car.

I've always thought, at this present time, that the ideal use case for electric cars is 2-car families, where you typically have 1 large vehicle for the entire family (5-7 seat SUV or similar), and a 2nd smaller car for the daily work commute. So whoever is doing 'family duties', dropping the kids off at school on the way to work, or doing shopping, or when taking a trip, would all be use-situations for the 'family' car. The other car, used by whoever isn't doing the family duties and just travelling to and from work, or that stays behind at home when the family take their trip in the larger car, is the perfect use-case for a short range (~100-150 miles between charges) electric car.

Or even someone who lives in the city and 95%+ of their trips are just the daily to/from work commute. If they are travelling further - holiday - then they are probably flying/training/busing/car-pooling anyway for that trip.

As technology improves, as electric ranges improve, or charging improves, then in the future the electric car may be able to take over from the long-range petroleum powered vehicle.

As I said, horses for courses. If most of your travel is short range commutes, go electric (if you have suitable charging options available, and the price is worth it). If you regularly drive long ranges, keep with petroleum cars - for now.

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